playground politics

playground politics

This life is like a playground

Each time I think im up

Not long before I fall down

And every time I think im healthy

My stomachs spinnin like that merry go round

cause each time im startin to get used to

How everythings assembled

I come back to that same comfort place

Just to see it’s been disassembled, damn

Cause ive come to learn that change is never far

Lifes a constant battle, shit

Like reachin on them monkey bars,

Man, dont even get me started on the people thing

Not long before ya trust someone

And theyre jackin your favorite tire swing

And I dont mean to use metaphors like

I cant tell you what I feel

But this life is like a playground

And when I say that, you can bet it’s real

Thats one thing I guess, one thing I can be sure of

But im still connecting all the pieces

In the meantime im fallin to pieces

Like my parents arent here to guide me now

Cause while I love my mama I gotta grow up somehow

And these legs learned to walk like my brain came to think

So can somebody tell me why the fuck I keep drinking

And spending and failing and fucking and my heart

Seems to be shrinking like I keep ducking out

Of all these responsibilities

when I take a step forward

Something grabs a hold of me oh shit now im movin backward

And thats when I remember these

Monkey bars and tire swings,

never knew that they would bring

The answers to my questions, like

Life is competition, and ambition, it’s full of dream on,

Just wishin on, and other people just shittin on

Your face, now I think its time I put you in your place

I refuse to be a coward, ill die before im fake

And hell I know im not a loser

So im gonna smash them goals you chase

Make it mine, like it should be

Ill die if I cant do me

Hell this life is like a playground

But once you find yourself

You can be free

by Kendra Cook


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